How to Setup IPTV on Smart TV

The installation and setup procedure of IPTV on Smart TV is a simple task.


Step1: First, turn on your Smart TV. Visit the Google Play Store and search for the Smart IPTV app.

Step2: In the search result, Click the Smart IPTV app to download and install the app on your device.


Step3: After the installation, click open the app. Where you will see the TV Mac Address. Make a note of the TV Mac Address.


Step4: Open the in your browser.


Step 5: On the Web page, Enter the TV Mac Address in the appropriate location.


Step 6: Now, enter the m3u URL or the File provided by the IPTV provider and tap the Send button


Step7: Once the uploading of the playlist has been completed successfully, you have to restart the application to view the list of playlists on the screen.

Note: The steps given above will be applicable for installing IPTV on other brands of Smart TVs like Samsung, LG, Sony, Vizio smart TV, and much more.


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After uploading m3u list if you have “check URL 1 message”. It might be siptv app server problem. There is 2 ways to solve this problem

Please add the link m3u again then turn TV off for 10 minutes to clear TV cache then turn the TV on

-Change the DNS in setting of Smart TV to another one like or

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