How to find Server Address in M3U Url?

An M3U list is a text file format that is used to store a list of multimedia files, such as audio and video files, as well as live TV and radio streams. The M3U list is a text-based file that contains a list of URLs or file paths to the multimedia files. M3U is the most used format for all IPTV devices.

Some applications like “IPTV Smarter” and “GSE Xtream-Codes API” in the setting ask for “Server Address” ,  “Username” and “Password” .
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How to find Server Address in a M3U url

Finding these details from the M3U url is not complicated, just a little confusing.
In this article we will help you to find these details easily.

In the below, we explain it in an example,

The first part of M3U Url  is the Server name you need (before the “/”) .

For this sample M3U Url :

These are the details you need for IPTV setup:

Server Address:    http://”Server.Address”/
Username :           “ABCD”
Password :            “EFGH”

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